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Notice Statement
September 17th,2021

Recently, we received feedback from relevant personnel that there are criminals opened false account in the name of our company in the UK to request remittances. This is suspected of malicious fraud. Hereby, we Xinxing Jihua International Trading Co.,Ltd declares as follow: 

 1. Our company has not opened any account in the UK. Any personnel requesting remittances to the area and their banks in the name of our company is suspected of fraud. Please be alert to avoid being deceived. 

2. Any organization or individual that uses the name of our company or company staff to make or spread false information or engage in business activities illegally shall bear all legal responsibilities. Our company reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for such infringements and illegal acts. The general public are welcome to report. Once verified, our company will report to the relevant departments to hold the criminals responsible according to the specific circumstances. If you have any question, please consult and verify with us in time. telephone: +86-010-65168986 Mail: 

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Officer Shoes

Officer Shoes

Officer shoes are generally made of leather, mostly black colors. The users are generals or officers of troops and police stations, and are also used in law enforcement agencies, such as prisons and security guard. Generally match with formal uniform.

Officer Shoes
Officer Shoes Types
Officer Shoes With Heels
Lady Officer Shoes
Military Officer Shoes
Police Officer Shoes
Officer Shoes
Q Are Officer Shoes The Same As Tactical Shoes?

No, tactical shoes are suitable for military operations, training, and duty situations. Officer shoes are generally made of leather, used in some formal occasions or civilian office.

Q What Type Of Shoes Does The Police Need?

Policing work is not an easy task, police need the right pair of police shoes to keep his feet comfortable while minimizing fatigue and pain.

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