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Family Air Purifier
Family Air Purifier

Family Air Purifier

Inactivate the new coronavirus, decompose formaldehyde, keep fresh air. Suitable for family use, protect family health.

Family Air Purifier Features:

  • Inactivate viruses and kill bacteria;

  • NANO high-efficiency composite filter;

  • Quickly purify the whole house air;

  • Release more than 10 million/cm3 negative ions;

  • No peculiar smell when blowing;

  • Multi-function buttons, simple operation and convenient to use;

  • Non-angular body and grille design to prevent children from bumping;

  • Authoritative inspection certificate of professional organization;

Family Air Purifier Specification:

ModelKJ203F-N01Control typeTouch
Filter layers3 layersMotor specificationsAC motor
Filter nameComposite filter (primary effect layer + nano filter material layer + high efficiency HEPA layer)Input power45W
Body materialABSParticulate CADR≥203m³/h
Air outlet locationTop of the machineFormaldehyde CADR≥40m³/h
Filter size420*260*40mmEnergy efficiency of particulates purificationQualified level
SwitchYESPurification methodThe filter screen coarsely filters large-particle pollutants, the nano-filter material decomposes, neutralizes and kills pollutants, and HEPA finely filters all pollutants.
Wind speed gear

3 gears

Purification method advantages

Passive, environmentally friendly and efficient---passive means that there is no need to apply an additional high-voltage electric field to generate plasma, and ozone is generated without ultraviolet sterilization; bacteria, germs and organic chemical gases will be inactivated or redox decomposed as long as they come into contact with the filter element Environmental protection means that it does not produce any harmful substances and realizes the coexistence of man and machine. High efficiency means that the new coronavirus can be quickly inactivated within 10S.
Filter replacement tipsYES
PM2.5 displayNOWheelNO
Sleep modeYESNoise≤61dB (A)
Negative ion10 million pcs/cm3Application area14㎡-24㎡

Family Air Purifier Application:



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