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September 17th,2021

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Bulletproof Briefcase
Bulletproof Briefcase

Bulletproof Briefcase

Bulletproof briefcases can provide protection for personnel anytime and anywhere. It is small in size, light in weight and highly concealed, can be quickly and easily deployed, and is convenient to carry and store in the car. Its appearance is the same as an ordinary briefcase, with a strong camouflage effect. In case of emergency, it can be deployed quickly, and "one-second change" forms a bulletproof barrier. The front pocket of the briefcase can be superimposed on the bulletproof board, so that it can resist the damage of multiple bullets.

Bulletproof Briefcase Features

  • Can be used for carrying documents and in an emergency it can be opened to reveal a drop down shield.

  • Three NIJ IIIA ballistic panels inside providing full body protection against all handguns up to .44Magnum SJHP.

  • Lightweight construction equipped with flip opening system to ensure quick release.

  • Superior Cowhide leather with the functions of waterproof, high abrasion resistance, and high tensile strength.

  • Pockets on both sides for water cups and interior pistol holster for small weapons.

Bulletproof Briefcase Specifications

Model No.


Protection Level

NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA

Ballistic Material

Aramid UD Fabric/Aramid Woven Fabric

Suitcase Material

Outside Superior Cowhide leather,inside Oxford 600D





Bulletproof Briefcase Application

Bulletproof briefcases are designed for VIPs such as President, government officials and business elites. It can be used as a daily briefcase, user can carry documents and personal effects. When an emergency occurs, this briefcase can be quickly deployed to a bulletproof shield in front of the human body for protect the life.

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